Axial clamps

Axial clamps are a simple, safe and fast solution to realize hard to detach axial connections. They can be used with axials, tubes, wires cones, rivets, srews or pins. Typical applications can be found in the automotive and electrical industries or for example on gardening tools or children toys.

Two types are disposible: Open axial clamp rings and closed axial clamp caps. In addition to the shown catalogue items further products with different surface (e.g. DELTA-Tone) or intermedia sizes for axle diameters up to 25 mm are receiveable - adventitious several external diameters.

The caps can be coated with individual colours for example according to RAL or other scales.

Axial clamp rings

Axial clamp rings easily secure components on axels, pipes, bolts etc. and are used for example in the automotive and electronic industries. Other intermedia sizes or axis diameters up to 25 mm are available on request.

Axial clamp rings

Axial clamp caps

Axial clamps are often used in the field of view for securing for example wheels on an axis. Savety and aesthetics play an important role. here. The caps can be adapted in colour on request. Typical applications are garden tools or toys.

Axial clamp caps

Setting of axial clamps

Fix our axial clamp rings and caps quick and safe with this compatible tool. It helps to avoid the damage of the fastener and guarantees the steady power transmission.

For axial Clamp Rings

Outside-øItem no.
15,0 mm18.509.000.150
18,0 mm18.509.000.180
25,0 mm18.509.000.250

For axial clamp caps

Outside-øItem no.
12,0 mm18.509.000.120
16,0 mm18.509.000.160
20,0 mm18.509.000.200
27,0 mm18.509.000.270
30,0 mm18.509.000.300

Please note that these products may not be available. Production is only possible by larger quantities. Please contact our sales team.