Blind rivet bolts

Blind rivet bolts consist of a sleeve and a screw, which are joined together by welding or crimping. As special production components we can use different lenghts and types of screws can be used as well as almost every rivet nut sleeve.

Blind rivet bolts offer a multiple use. They can:

  • connect different working pieces
  • install a thread into components and
  • fix additional parts to the screw

The HONSEL-Group is one of the leading developers of blind rivet bolts. RIFBOLT® blind rivet bolts are working with the same principle of operation as blind rivet nuts. Hight-strength and splash water potected types and laser welded versions are only two of many innovative design ideas.

We have extended our catalogue product range on the following pages due to the increasing demand for this process secure, reliable and cost-efficient assembly in industrial volume production.

Setting process blind rivet bolts

Blind rivet bolt parallel shank

Blind rivet bolt knurled

Blind rivet bolt hexagonal