Competence Center Riveting

The perfect processing and permanent improvement of our blind rivet products is one of our core competences for decades. For us this includes various aspects from the development through the construction and production up to maintenance and repair.

All subjects are concentrated in our "Competence Center Riveting" at out location in Neumuenster. Here our experts develop new ideas every day. Creative, with great know-how, leaving well-known paths and at the same time always leaving an ear on feedback of our customers as well as our technical sales and service team.

Checking feasibility is followed by the conversion through experienced engineers working at modern CAD-work stations, the building of prototypes with growing use of 3D printing and in-house 24-hours endurance tests on several comletely automatic test machines with various surrounding conditions. This ends in mounting or production and their permanent control and optimization.
Current example is the sucessfull Rivdom® battery riveter with its extended corresponding accessory options.

In our new service workshop, our welltrained personnel attend to fast repair of all tools - from hand rivet tools via battery-powered riveters to pneumatic tools - no matter if they are from our own assortment or from other manufacturers. Our excellently equipped and modern work stations and an extremely high stock of thousands of spare parts enable our repair professionals to deal with any complicated case to avoid any downtime in your workflow. If needed we can provide a sufficient number of rental tools.

Take the opportunity to check in your tool online for maintenance or repair