Commercial vehicle

Manufacturer of truck body work, trailers, buses and special vehicles as well as rail-guided vehicles, two wheelers from bicycles to motorcycles or transport systems such as cable cars find a variety of perfectly matched fasterners in our product range plus the right tool.

Fasteners for Commercial Vehicle Building

The focus lies on different versions of the HIGH STRENGTH blind rivets with diameters up to 9,8 mm! Follwing the strong increase in demand, we supply a wide variety of different versions like for example FERO®-BULB, FERO®-BOLT, and OPTO®-BULB blind rivets, folding blind rivets and the special sealing blind rivet CERTO®-PERFECT.

Tools for Commercial Vehicle Building

Especially for high-strength blind rivets up to diameters of 6,4 mm we offer the new cordless battery riveter RivdomTWO. In stationary use, the two pneumatic-hydraulic tools BZ 123A (FERO®-BOLT) and BZ 133A (FERO®-BULB) offers best opportunities for an optimal processing.


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