More than 85 years in connection with a product let it become a real passion. Every Day. The results are paricular specialties and innovations, continuous improvements and developments.

Frequently parts and properties of an individually designed product or complete special parts are integrated in our standard range and help to improve this and make it unique.

Innovations Fasteners

Many ideas and products are based on requirements for example from the automotive industry or excellent suggestions from our customers out of their daily business. This often leads to the last detail of optimization potential.

Special solutions and adaptations are often the basis for new fasteners, which gets ready to serial production after extensive tests and adjustments.

Innovations Tools

Our processing tools are always based on the highest customer requirements. This applies to the professional craftsmen with battery riveter or hand tool just as much as to the user with pneumatic-hydraulic tools in industrial serial production.

Robust and reliable, low-maintenance and easy-care, user-friendly, ergonomic and tailored to particular products and applications if required.