Innovation Blind Rivet Nut Hochfest

HONSEL's "HIGH STRENGTH" technology enables the carrying capacity of the thread to be increased greatly. This facility ensures that when mechanical overloads occurs, a 12.9 strength class screw ("HIGH STRENGTH" steel) or an 8.8 strength class screw ("HIGH STRENGTH" aluminium) fails much sooner than the HONSEL nut. This provides greater security in all applications where heightened mechanical specifications are required.

We supply the following embodiments

Shaft shapes:

  • Fully and partially hexagonal
  • Round shank
  • Closed embodiments


  • Flat head
  • Small countersunk head
  • Countersunk head
  • Large head


  • An alternative to welded and punched nuts
  • Withstands high moments or torque
  • Allows smaller dimensions to be used
  • Rational machining
  • Saves on weight
  • Correctly sorted recycling (especially in the case of aluminium)
  • Resistant to corrosion