Innovation Rivdom

The VVG cordless battery riveter Rivdom® is the modern solution for independant blind rivet workmanship. Since its successful launch in 2011 the RivdomONE is popular in craft and industry.

Rivdom® convinces through outstanding performance values, its ergonomic design for compfortable daily handling, its large scope of delivery as well as interesting additional options and its extraordinary price-performace ratio. Rivdom® contains our entire experience of development and production of hand rivet tools, pneumatic tools and automation solutions.

RivdomTWO, the powerfull battery-powered riveter even for high-strength blind rivets up to 6.4 mm!

With a setting force of 20.000 N and a very big stroke of 30 mm not only standard blind rivets and high-strength versions like FERO®-Bulb and FERO®-Bolt can be set quickly, dependant and without re-setting as well as folding blind rivets or ring bolts.

The newly developed brushless BLDC direct current Motor presents itself with an almost wireless, durable life cycle. Low power consumption and reduced heat build-up increase efficiency and effectiveness as well as Batterie runtime besides prolonged operating intervals. Weight saving and the pronounced handiness guarantees a very comfortable working.
A new developed electronic quick charger which identifies the utilized batteries automatically ist introduced with RivdomTWO for the first time. The charging time of the new Rivdom batteries sets new standards: the 2,0 Ah Li-Ion battery is completely charged in about 30 minutes!