“Everything from a single source” is the motto with which HONSEL controls not only the production of fasteners, but also offers reliable process solutions for the processing of the HONSEL products.

The spectrum ranges from the semi-automatic manual workstation through to the fully automated manufacturing cell in which the different work processes can be imaged using the in-house HONSEL DMSD 2G automatic control system.

HONSEL knows the work processes in the automotive sector and uses this experience to develop automation solutions that are tailored to the needs of the customers.

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Robot cell for automated processing of fasteners

Our modular robot cells allow you to process a wide range of parts fully automatically.

Depending on the requirements, the cell can be designed and individually adapted to your wishes for the processing of blind rivets, blind rivet nuts, blind rivet studs and coil threaded inserts (coils).

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Modular machining centre for automated processing of fasteners

  • Process monitoring with HONSEL DMSD 2G
  • Man-robot collaboration, variable loading capacity
  • High degree of automation
  • Q-Gate with 360° monitoring field (when processing coils)
  • Modular application with various fasteners

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Manual workstation for semi-automatic processing of fasteners

Our manual workstations can be individually configured and thus designed for practically any field of application. Particularly with small quantities, our manual workstations offer a convenient solution that is less investment-intensive than a fully automated station.

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Process monitoring

DMSD has stood for process monitoring in fastening technology for more than 25 years. HONSEL received its first patent for process monitoring in blind rivet processing back in 1990.

The new second generation DMSD 2G process monitoring is a consistent further development, since industrial requirements have been increasing constantly for the last few years.

Almost all HONSEL standard tool components such as RivSys BZ & VNG, automated solutions, work stations and hand tools for rivet nuts, blind rivets and coils can be connected to the DMSD 2G.

New measurement transducers which require a faster sampling rate, parallel and faster data processing and new networking options are the characteristics of the newly designed DMSD 2G.

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