Hand Tool

BZ72 Hand Tool

In the processing of blind rivets, the lever tools BZ 70 and BZ 72 cover the range from 3.0 up to 8.0 mm (BZ 70 3.0 - 6.0 aluminum / BZ 72 4.0 - 8.0 aluminum). The main focus of this type of tool is on an especially durable and robust construction for daily use in workshops or on construction sites. Supplied in an impact-resistant plastic case. The replacement nosepieces are stored in a locked box integrated in the mandrel container.

Item No.: 310.072.000.000

Processing Blind Rivets

Stainless Steel A2
Processing possible , O Processing optional possible

Weight: 1,65 kg

Stroke: 14,5 mm

Max. mandrel-ø: 4,0 mm

Packaging: Case

incl. 4 nose pieces