Processing self clinching fasteners

Quality, efficiency, damage reductions, labour saving

Modern fasteners use a wide range of technologies for producing strong, reusable and permanent threads and fixing points in thin sheet metal or other ductile and non-ductile materials – and these also include clinching

In the modern-day production environment, the quality of the products and the productivity of the manufacturing and assembly process are playing an ever more important role.

That is where we come in; our processing machines simplify and optimise work processes and boost quality and productivity with the reliability and energy efficiency of a hydraulic machine. Reduced handling and exact, reliable fitting of the self-clinching fasteners allows you to safeguard your competitive lead.

We will be happy to take up your challenge and can also offer special customised solutions.

Technical features

Pressure over the whole stroke

At every point of the fitting process without the need to set or adjust the safety system.

Energy-saving and eco-friendly

Reduce the energy consumption by up to 40 % by comparison with pneumatic systems. The energy consumption in standby is only 15 % of the energy required under full load.

Manual J-frame

Allows fasteners to be fitted in sheet metal constructions with restricted accessibility.

Simple operation

Quick setting of the clinching force allows the machine to be set up within seconds.

Fixed stop

The fixed stop enables the stopping position of the cylinder to be precisely set and to be maintained for all the subsequent fitting operations. This offers even better uniformity, particularly with soft workpieces.

Safety system

Safe and reliable – The safety system of the clinching machines offers the operator total protection.

  • No loss of time due to resetting or adjustment of the safety system.
  • The safety system functions irrespective of the operating state of the machine for conductive and non-conductive workpieces.
  • It is possible to adjust the power during work without having to adjust the safety system.

S-416 Plus

  • Insertion force max. 44 kN
  • Overhang 406 mm
  • Possibility of processing M8 nuts in structural steel
  • Standard power supply 1-phase, 220 V / 50 Hz

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S-618 Plus

  • Insertion force max. 54 kN
  • Overhang 458 mm
  • Possibility of processing M10 nuts in structural steel
  • Standard power supply 3-phase, 380 V / 50 Hz

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S-824 Plus

  • Insertion force max. 72 kN
  • Overhang 610 mm
  • Possibility of processing M12 nuts in structural steel
  • Standard power supply 3-phase, 380 V / 50 Hz

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Options and accessories

Make the most of your machine for self clinching fasteners.

  • Tool kit
  • Turnstile insertion system
  • Parts counter
  • Forward limited
  • Lazer locating light
  • Automatic feeder system

Options and accessories

Self clinching parts