RivSmart PLConnect

The link to your production network

Link the RivSmart battery riveter to your production network (PLC) and take the next step towards Industry 4.0!

Combine the possibilities of your PLC with the intelligence and connectivity of our RivSmart.

Always reliable

RivSmart PLConnect acts as an interface between the riveter and your PLC, counting the number of rivets set. Dummy strokes are always reliably ignored.

Further possible functions are the transmission of error and service messages to a PLC, and the visualisation of the job and process monitoring function of the RivSmart on a PLC.

RivSmart PLConnect can be quickly and easily integrated into your existing control cabinets and linked to the PLC.

In addition to the digital output module, analogue and other bus systems are also available on request.

Flexible and modular

RivSmart PLConnect is based on industrial PC components from the RevPi Core3 system. It meets industrial standards such as 24 V DC power supply or standardised DIN rail mounting (EN 50022).

This makes for an extremely flexible and modular system design.

RivSmart PLConnect has two main components

  • Processor unit incl. USB WiFi antenna with cable for external positioning and installation software
  • Output module tailored to your requirements
  • Optional: Power pack for DIN rail installation