Blind rivet processing in the highest quality

Automatic and manual return

In addition to the manual setting, RivSmart also offers an automatic return mode.

Immediately after the drop in the measured force with the shearing of the rivet mandrel, the tool moves back automatically to the starting position to keep the riveting cycle as short as possible.

Riveting is controlled via the app or the display.

Newly developed clamping mechanism

Very fast and reliable gripping of the rivet mandrel is ensured by shorter nose pieces and optimised clamping jaws.

Completely tool-free maintenance

Clamping jaws and nose pieces can be replaced quickly, anywhere and by anyone immediately on the spot.

The latest motor technology

The newly developed brushless DC (BLDC) motor guarantees a practically wear-free constant life-cycle.

Low current consumption and reduced heat development increase the battery life and efficiency.

High speeds can be achieved with smooth running, as well as weight-reducing integration of the complete tool electronics into the motor.

Optimised down to the last detail

All components such as bearings, shafts, gear wheels or housing elements are continuously optimised with respect to the specific device requirements in order reduce weight and noise, while ensuring particularly long tool lives at the same time.

Future-oriented charging technology

Perfektioniertes Akku-Management

Electronic fast charger with automatic identification of the battery used. 12 V, 16 V and 20 V batteries from the Rivdom family can be charged using the same charger.

The charging time sets standards

The new 2.0 Ah Li ion batteries are fully charged after less than 30 minutes – the 90 % charge is even reached after approx. 20 minutes, so that the charging cycle is always shorter than the battery-consuming working time!


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