Accessories RivSmart


Item no.
320.200.000.000-010-1RivSmart incl. 1 x 12 V/2.0 Ah battery in L-Boxx
320.200.000.000-020-1RivSmart incl. 2 x 12 V/2.0 Ah battery in L-Boxx


Item no.
321.200.000.021-0-1Li-ion RivdomPLUS battery 12 V/2.0 Ah
321.200.000.022-0-1Li-Ion RivdomPLUS battery 12V/4,0 Ah
321.500.000.001-0-10220 V Quick Charger for RivomPLUS batteries (12 V/16 V/20 V)
321.200.000.072Extension piece front sleeve 80 mm (available length 120 mm), Extensions combinable
321.200.000.031Mandrel collector short (5.5 cm) -Scope of delivery-
321.300.100.031Mandrel collector big (8.0 cm)
321.200.000.018Coloured retaining ring (silver, blue, gold, red, black)
321.401.000.004Cover cap
321.200.000.006Belt clip

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Nose pieces

Item no.
321.200.000.122Standard nose piece 2.4 mm
321.200.000.123Standard nose piece 3.0/3.2 mm
321.200.000.124Standard nose piece 4.0 mm
321.200.000.125Standard nose piece 4.8/5.0 mm
321.200.000.132Retainer nose piece 2.4 mm
321.200.000.134Retainer nose piece 3.0/3.2 mm
321.200.000.138Retainer nose piece 4.0 mm
321.200.932.070Retainer nose piece 4.8/5.0 mm
321.200.940.070Extended nose piece (length 7mm) 3.0/3.2 mm
321.200.950.070Extended nose piece (length 7mm) 4.0 mm
321.200.932.200Extended nose piece (length 20mm) 3.0/3.2 mm
321.200.940.200Extended nose piece (length 20mm) 4.0 mm
321.200.950.200Extended nose piece (length 20mm) 4.8/5.0 mm
321.200.000.511Facade nose piece blind rivets 5.0 mm with head 11.0 mm
321.200.000.514Facade nose piece blind rivets 5.0 mm with head 14.0 mm
321.200.008.401Nose piece FERO-BOLT blind rivets 4.8 mm

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Spare parts and wear parts

Item no.
311.002.000.132Clamping jaws (2 parts)
321.200.000.015Front sleeve
321.200.000.016Clamping sleeve
321.200.000.017Guide sleeve
321.200.000.021Pressure spring guide sleeve
321.200.000.055Quick release incl. spring
321.200.000.049Mandrel discharge tube

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