Accessories RivSmart


Item no.
320.200.000.000-010-1RivSmart incl. 1 x 12 V/2.0 Ah battery in L-Boxx
320.200.000.000-020-1RivSmart incl. 2 x 12 V/2.0 Ah battery in L-Boxx


Item no.
321.200.000.021-0-1Li-ion RivdomPLUS battery 12 V/2.0 Ah
321.200.000.022-0-1Li-Ion RivdomPLUS battery 12V/4,0 Ah
321.500.000.001-0-10220 V Quick Charger for RivomPLUS batteries (12 V/16 V/20 V)
321.200.000.072Extension piece front sleeve 80 mm (available length 120 mm), Extensions combinable
321.200.000.031Mandrel collector short (5.5 cm) -Scope of delivery-
321.300.100.031Mandrel collector big (8.0 cm)
321.200.000.018Coloured retaining ring (silver, blue, gold, red, black)
321.401.000.004Cover cap
321.200.000.006Belt clip

Nose pieces

Item no.
321.200.000.122Standard nose piece 2.4 mm
321.200.000.123Standard nose piece 3.0/3.2 mm
321.200.000.124Standard nose piece 4.0 mm
321.200.000.125Standard nose piece 4.8/5.0 mm
321.200.000.132Retainer nose piece 2.4 mm
321.200.000.134Retainer nose piece 3.0/3.2 mm
321.200.000.138Retainer nose piece 4.0 mm
321.200.932.070Retainer nose piece 4.8/5.0 mm
321.200.940.070Extended nose piece (length 7mm) 3.0/3.2 mm
321.200.950.070Extended nose piece (length 7mm) 4.0 mm
321.200.932.200Extended nose piece (length 20mm) 3.0/3.2 mm
321.200.940.200Extended nose piece (length 20mm) 4.0 mm
321.200.950.200Extended nose piece (length 20mm) 4.8/5.0 mm
321.200.000.511Facade nose piece blind rivets 5.0 mm with head 11.0 mm
321.200.000.514Facade nose piece blind rivets 5.0 mm with head 14.0 mm
321.200.008.401Nose piece FERO-BOLT blind rivets 4.8 mm

Spare parts and wear parts

Item no.
311.002.000.132Clamping jaws (2 parts)
321.200.000.015Front sleeve
321.200.000.016Clamping sleeve
321.200.000.017Guide sleeve
321.200.000.021Pressure spring guide sleeve
321.200.000.055Quick release incl. spring
321.200.000.049Mandrel discharge tube