Tips & Tricks for Tools

Here are some indications with our proposed solutions::

Tools in general

Reason: Nose piece too big

Solution: Change the nose piece.

Nose pieces are differentiated by the drill hole and the length of the threaded pin. The longer the pin, the more the clamping jaws will be pressed backwards. Because of the clamping jaw running into the conically clamping sleeve, the clamping jaw opens even more and cannot grip the mandrel.

Reason: Worn out clamping jaws

Solution:  Clamping jaws are consumables that Need to be replaced regularly according to processed quantities and rivet type! As short-term solution the grooves can be cleaned with a wire brush.

Reason: Nose piece too small

Solution: Change the nose piece

It's possible to set a large rivet with a small nose piece, but when the clamping jaws come forward too far, after setting the rivet, they don't release the cut off rivet mandrel.

Hand Tools

Reason: Drawing spindle has insufficently play

Solution: Unscrew the lock nut M8 by 2-3 turns. This lock nut is screwed with the mandrel onto the drawing spindle.

Reason: Mandrel has been screwed on too much

Solution: Adjust the mandrel with the counter nut to the requested length.

Pneumatic Tools

Reason: No hydraulic oil in the tool

Solution: Change the oil (according to the isntruction manual). Note that basically an oil Change must be done regularly depending on the use of the tool.

Reason: Adjustment dimension is incorrect (Dimension between clamping mechanism and front sleeve with nose piece. Hydraulic piston blocks when only oil is added instead of changed completely.

Solution: Change the oil (according to the instruction manual). Attention: Oil can squirt while unscrewing the oil drain plug.

Reason: The mandrel container was not emptied in time

Solution: Remove the vacuum nozzle

Reason: Jammed mandrel

Solution: Remove mandrel from the vacuum nozzle.

Reason: Vacuum nozzle defective

Solution: Vacuum nozzle has a phase in the rear. If this is damaged by jammed or repelled mandrel, no vacuum will be created.

Reason: O-ring 101/42 defective

Solution: The floating O-ring is tightened on the clamping mechanism. it will be easily damaged by screwing on the front sleeve.

Reason: Reverser is stuck

Solution: Remove stroke-adjusting flap. Pull back the brass slider with long-nose pliers. Clean the running surface of the brass slider if necessary and lubricate it with grease or oil (VNG 701/801).

Reason: Pneumatic pressure too low

Solution: Operating pressure of at least 6 bars

Reason: Too little oil

Solution: Change the oil (according to the instruction manual)

Reason: The stroke is not adjusted correctly

Solution: Stroke adjustment by of turning the rear sealing cap.

Reason: No hydraulic oil in the tool

Solution: Change the oil (according to the instruction manual).

Reason: Mandrel not fixed by counter nut

Solution: Unscrew nose piece and front sleeve. Fix the mandrel with M8 counter nut seated on the drawing spindle.

Reason: Mandrel is worn out or not greased

Solution: Change the mandrel or grease slightly.

For quick advice please hold following information available:

  • Customer number
  • VVG order number
  • Ship date 
  • Complete article number
  • Batch number
  • Frequency of error
  • Grip range 
  • The drill hole's diameter
  • Which tools do you work with (manufacturer and type)?
  • For which work fields has the tool been approved?
  • Have the right mouthpieces or threaded mandrels been assembled?